Tai Shin Doh and Girl Scouts Of America

                  *TAISHINDOH AND *TAISHINJITSU are proud to be of Community Service to Girl Scouts.

              *TAISHINDOH and *TAISHINJITSU provides basic Self Defensive training for Girl Scouts ages 8 to 15
to help prepare them both physically and mentally today for tomorrow's world!


         JUNIOR BLACK BELT is an innovative and exciting new program concept for Girl Scouts
which can easily become a MERIT BADGE opportunity.

JUNIOR BLACK BELT is a specialized program in Martial Arts for Girl Scouts ages 8 to 15.
          The program curriculum includes TaishinJitsu (Self Defense), Kumite (Sparing), Kata (Forms),
                  Weapons (ancient traditional forms with sword, staff, nunchaku, etc), Musical and Creative Forms as well as Synchronized Forms and Tournament competition.

JUNIOR BLACK BELT is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Martial Art of Internationally acclaimed
TAISHINDOH and through this training concept is a means for youth to realistically enter the World of Martial Arts.

JUNIOR BLACK BELT is exactly what it implies!  The JUNIOR BLACK BELT program is a means for
Girls ages 8 to 15 to enter a World of Martial Arts through sensible age appropriate subject matter commensurate with their attained age and physical abilities. 
JUNIOR BLACK BELT training helps prepare Girls for more advanced Martial Arts (KARATE) as they become adults.
JUNIOR BLACK BELT is NOT a "short term" gratification program which awards a  "black belt," to children, rather, the
JUNIOR BLACK BELT program is a commitment to training and excellence in Martial Arts
and learning REALISTIC Self Defense and KARATE which will help prepare Girls today for tomorrow's world.

TAISHINDOH JUNIOR BLACK BELT is an internationally recognized Martial Arts program,
the Black Belt of which all Girl Scouts and Parents can be proud of for a Life-Time to come!

Call for details on how your Troop can take part in this exciting new activities concept!
Call for information on how JUNIOR BLACK BELT can become an earned activity for a Girl Scout Merit Badge!
Learn how you can become the Sensei (Teacher) for your own Troop!
E.mail  soke@taishindohUSA.com
Fax: 216 382 5523
Phone: 216 691 9391


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