A Retrospective of the Martial Art of Taishindoh

A Photo Gallery and History of the Beginning of Taishindoh-Jiuitsu which is now known as TaishinJitsu

1966 to 2006


Taishindoh Jiujitsu
Peter Hlavin, Yonkyu as Uki and Mike Pappas, Yonkyu as Tori performing Hane Nage.
Cleceland Heights YMCA 1966

Soke Balas as a young Nidan acting as the Uki for Nikyu Ray D'amores demonstrating "Tobi Geri"
Photo and article by the former Cleveland Press.  YMCA 1968

Soke Balas as the Tori demonstrating  technique during Black Belt Testing.
Sensei Buddy Cohn onlooker, Sensei Kingsley Guy as Uki.  YMCA 1968

Sensei Balas judging Black Belt Testing. 
Sensei Buddy Cohn, Tori; Sensei Kingsley Guy, Uki
Cleveland Heights YMCA 1968

Sensei Buddy Cohn as Tori and Sensei Kingsley Guy as Uki in Black Belt Testing YMCA 1968

Soke Balas Instructing at Jiujitsu Seminar Seminar
Cleveland Heights YMCA 1970

Soke Balas as young Nidan acting as Uki for his students at the Cleveland Heights YMCA in 1968

Yes Virginia, that was one fantastic Lapel Throw ("Eri Seoi Nage")

Soke Balas as Uki and Son Ron Jr as Tori performing Taishindoh-Jujitsu form Kubi Nage. 
All Styles Tournament, Cleveland Heights YMCA 1970

Sensei Joy Cohn, Shodan and Dad Sensei Buddy Cohn demonstrating
"Yoko Geri" at WEWS TV 5, Cleveland Ohio 1974

Soke Balas with "late"TV Host Allan Douglas at WEWS TV 5  Morning Exchange program.
Public Service Self Defense program.  Sensei Margo Kiraly as Victim, Sensei Buddy Cohn as "Attacker"

Soke Balas and Taishindoh Students were honored to have been
chosen to discuss and perform basic self defense as a Public Service
and were given Prime Media Time to talk  and demontrate personal safety.


Soke Balas , as young Yondan (R), future Soke dai John Spinks (Seminole Florida) (Center) and Master
Tim Ochs (Boca Raton, Florida (L) as young Sensei officiating at Black Belt Testing
at St. Petersburgh Junior College, St Petersburgh, Florida in 1975
(Notice Sensei John Spinks wearing the "old" Taishindoh USMAA" patch on his Gi top)


Opening of PAL Dojo at Pilgrim Church in Cleveland, Ohio City by Soke Balas (back row, middle)
who was the Director of the Police Athletic League, 1975.

Front and center is actress Jane Powell who attended the Grand Opening
and flanked by two Cleveland Police Detectives

Taishindoh and Taishinjitsu is proud to have been in service
  in the Greater Cleveland Community for more than 40 years.


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